Frank Goes For A Joy Ride

6:16 PM Clare Dreyfus 0 Comments

A number of my loyal followers have asked where Frank got his name so I thought I would begin this post with the story.

Driving down the 1, Austin turned to Clare and asked if she was going to give the car a name. Clare explained her disdain for forced car names, and said hers would only get a name if it happened naturally and happened to stick. Austin was silent for a moment, and then exclaimed, “How about Frank?” Clare made a face of contempt and immediately vetoed it. So of course it stuck.

The second day of our journey was from San Luis Obispo to my grandmother’s house (hi Bubbles!) in Orange County.

Newport Beach was my birthplace and home until I was 7, so I was prepared to give Austin a grand tour. However, after about a million “That is an awesome ice-cream store!” or “That McDonalds gave out beanie babies!” and “My mom took me there once!” he told me it felt like he was getting a tour from a five year old.

Nonetheless, I continued on with my five-year-old-self’s dream day in Newport Beach, which started off with candy shopping and Balboa bar eating on Balboa Island.

After the delicious treats, Frank took his joy ride on the ferry to the Fun Zone. Austin and I joined him.


At the Fun Zone we rode the supposed longest ferris wheel ride in the world.

And, of course, went to the beach.


The rest of the day was filled with family goodness, which, alas, there are no photos of.

That was the end of our California adventures. We are now headed across the country for Vanderbilt. Stay tuned.